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Each photo travel organized by Luca Bracali is arranged in collaboration with the most important professional key figures in the touristic industry. This allowed us to develop a program that features a strong naturalistic and historic interest. Each day is studied to obtain the maximum experience taking into account the best time to shoot, the light conditions and everything related to photography. Don’t miss the chance to discover the ancient temples in Myanmar, the snow in Norway, the stunning show of the Northern lights in Iceland or an extreme trekking program in Bhutan. What are you waiting for?

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Viaggio fotografico in Islanda

Viaggio fotografico in Islanda

30 Gennaio - 5 Febbraio 2022

Viaggio fotografico in Norvegia

Viaggio fotografico in Norvegia

27 Febbraio - 7 Marzo 2022

A fantastic photo workshop

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